Thursday, 1 November 2018


Hi there everyone,

As you know Miss J and Miss Newth's side of the class are in the middle of a healthy challenge as part of New Zealand's Healthiest Schools Challenge, click here: Healthy Challenge

We are using our pedometers when we can. They are quite tricky to manage for little ones so  when we are not wearing them, we are' guestimating ' our steps as a class average so that we can move around the course. If you would like to follow your child's progress, they all have their own username and password so come and see us in class to get this.

We have four parents who are also participating in the challenge at home. They are called The A Team, if you want to follow their progress on the website. Thanks for your input ladies! It's awesome that you are doing this great role modelling for the kids!

The learning behind all of this is tied in with our MY BODY AND ME  topic this term. We will be looking at fitness, healthy foods,  healthy body and mind , hygiene and healthy choices in general.


Maths: TIME

We have been learning about aspects of telling the time and duration including ordering the days and months, understanding that we do different things at different times of the day and  exploring sequences of time. 

Here is some of our learning about clocks. We had to work together  and listen to each other to order ourselves correctly. Then we had to think about where the big hand and little hand went in order to read the o'clock time. 

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Animal Learning Story

Animal Movies

Here are some of the animal movies teams of children created using the Explain Everything app. They worked so well together - taking turns, being positive and encouraging of one another as they all took risks, stepping out of their comfort zones to learn this new app.

Well done to Emily, Ezmae, Dylan T, Dylan F, and Tilly for sharing your knowledge about Tigers.

Great job Manaaki, Milahn, Manaia and Izack for sharing your knowledge and creating this movie about Rhinos.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Orana Park Adventures 2018

Some of us visited Orana Park last week.  This sparked lots of curiousity and interesting questions and observations about wild animals.

Here is a video of our adventures.  Check out our animal wonderings and learnings in more blog posts to come.  Enjoy!