Monday, 12 February 2018

Where will construction take you today?

This week to help us learn and remember the letter B, we used different recycled objects to create things that start with the /b/ sound.  It’s not just about the letter B and the sound B makes, it’s about exercising our imaginations and creativity and practicing the skill of cutting, gluing, sharing resources and problem solving.

Manaia discovered that glue doesn’t always work when making things out of cardboard boxes.  Here Manaia is making a bat.  He is cutting a slit to slot the the wings into instead of using glue.

Milahn, Dylan T and Jackson all worked together to create this building out of blocks. 

Michael created a bus, Emily created a beautiful board and Braxton is very proud of his bumble bee bum! Smarty!

Dylan carefully cut yellow strips of felt to create the lines of his bumble bee.

What a clever class!
Our next step now is to include more details in the objects we want to create.