Thursday, 18 April 2019

Storytelling: Rewriting an ending in collaborative groups

Week 11/Term 1
Storytelling session: Alternative endings for 
The Three Little Pigs

Kakano 3 Ngahere students worked in groups to develop an alternative ending to The Three Little Pigs story.
First we listened to some other version story endings on video. Then we discussed as a whole group what this meant to change the endings. The children knew the original story so well that they felt confident enough to take charge and change the ending.

Working in groups meant that children had to merge their ideas in order to come up with an ending that everyone was happy with. Roles were shared; a writer, editors, (re readers and sound/word checkers) and presenters.

Manaia is sounding out words with his robot arms to form the correct sounds while Milahn scribes.

Braxton and Tu’uta are working out which sound they need while Tilly and Sophie re read and offer ideas.

Nicola and Aria are negotiating which word will fit in order to make the sentence make sense.

Lacey, Dylan and Dylan are collaborating successfully with their story ending by re reading.

Sarah was scribing and intuitively shared the writer’s role when she realised that Nikau was wanting to spell a word he knew.

Emily and Izack are checking over the first part of the sentence.

PRESENTING to the Kākano 3 audience

What a fabulous bunch of writers using collaborative skills to complete the task!